Economic Issues Decline Among Public’s Policy Priorities

The Pew Research Center recently surveyed 1,503 adults about what policy area the government should focus on in the coming year. Economic issues, like improving the job market, strengthening the economy, and reducing budget deficits remain a top priority of the American people. However, compared to past years, the economy has become a relatively lesser concern among adults. This recent study shows that there is a downward trend in public views of economic issues as their top priority.


Compared to the years shortly after the recent economic crisis (2010-2014), fewer people are concerned with improving the economy. This trend indicates a shift in what many think governments should prioritize in their policy agenda. As of January 2018, terrorism (73%), education (72%), and health care costs (68%) are among the top five concerns of the public.

The partisan divide seems to largely disappear on some priorities, with both Republicans and Democrats agreeing on the importance of particular policies, such as the government taking steps to make Social Security more financially sound, dealing with drug addiction, and improving public infrastructure. However, Republicans and Democrats disagree on environmental policy priorities -- 81% of Democrats say protecting the environment should be a top priority, compared with 37% of Republicans. More of the partisan divide on policy issues can be found here.

Sophia Kim


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