Transgender Issues Divide Democrats & Republicans

Gender-neutral bathrooms and pronouns are only the surface of current political issues surrounding Transgender recognition. Studies show that roughly half of Americans (54%) believe that one’s sex is determined by their assigned gender at birth. This divide trickles down to partisanship, with 64% of Democrats stating that whether a person is a man or a woman can be different than what they were assigned at birth, compared to 19% of Republicans.

A further breakdown based on education levels of Democrats’ stances on transgender issues shows that the higher a respondent’s education level, the more accepting they were of changing gender identification. This trend was not found in Republicans.

Other data shows that about 4 in 10 adults (39%) say that society hasn’t gone far enough in accepting those that are transgender, 32% say society has gone too far, and 27% say society is at a good point of acceptance. With political partisanship taken into account, 60% of Democrats say society hasn’t gone far enough as opposed to 12% of Republicans. 57% of Republicans say society has gone too far, compared to 12% of Democrats.

Nearly 4 in 10 adults (37%) were found to personally know someone that is transgender. A quarter (24%) of Americans say they have a transgender acquaintenace, but only 9% have co-workers that are transgender. Political breakdowns in knowing a transgender person also differ: Democrats are more likely (43%) to know a transgender individual compared to a Republican (28%).


Sophia Kim


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