American Millionaires & Average Global Wealth

Want to be a millionaire? If you’re living in America, you’re in luck - according to Credit Suisse’s annual report of global wealth, 1 of 20 Americans are millionaires, and the United States contains 43% of the world’s millionaires. As the stock market recovers from shocks of recent years, average wealth has recovered significantly, 30% above the 2006 level.

However, despite rising average wealth in America, the inequality of wealth has risen all around the globe. Except for China, the median wealth for all countries has decreased. Especially in the United Kingdom, additional wealth per person and overall wealth substantially declined as a result of the country’s currency depreciation.

The top five countries for median wealth include: Switzerlandt with $229,000 per person, followed by Australia ($195,400), Belgium ($161,000), New Zealand ($147,600), and Japan ($123,700). These countries are also found to have relatively lower levels of wealth inequality, whereas in America, there is an exceptionally high economic disparity between the rich and poor.


Sophia Kim


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