Debating a Ban on Bump Stocks

The role that bump stocks have played in the recent Las Vegas mass shooting have aided an increase in public opinion opposing the sales of these infamous devices. Allowing a regular, semi-automatic weapon to shoot like a machine gun, the use of a bump stock allowed Stephen Paddock to effectively kill 58 victims and injure many more. The spreading awareness of this device has led the Republican Party to talk about banning bump stocks.

Yet the effects of this ban are highly doubted by gun policy experts. A recent New York Times poll about the bump stock showed that popular opinion supported a ban, with support from 72% of registered voters. However, experts say that merely making it difficult to obtain the bump stocks will have little to no effects on mass shooting deaths.

In light of the Las Vegas shooting, this ban is welcomed by people from across the political spectrum. Despite the fact that gun control has been favored by public opinion for quite a while, legislation regarding a bump stock ban may not be passed.


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