Violence in Chicago

The city of Chicago has been struggling for decades with violence. However, in recent months, there seems to be an increase in violent actions. According to Monica Davey from the New York Times, by March 25, 131 people had been killed this year, representing an 84 percent increase in homicides compared with the same period in 2015.

The Chicago Tribune has registered 807 shooting victims in 2016 in the city. In the graph they have registered the total shooting victims per month, comparing this year and the previous one. From the past three months, January has been the bloodiest one and even though victims lowered during February, in the past month there was a rise in shootings again. Additionally, we can find large numbers of victims per month in 2016 than in the same period last year.

This alarming numbers arrive in a very complicated period for the city and its authorities. After the video of Laquan McDonald’s shooting was released anger towards the police has increased, together with a national-wide questioning of policemen conduct. As Davey states, the challenge is huge for the city administration, who is been dealing with a lack of confidence from residents and a low morale among police officers.

There are some areas more affected than others. In this map, constructed by the Chicago Tribune, the darker blue areas indicate higher number of shooting victims. Austin is the community area with more victims during 2016, 82, followed by Humboldt Park (46), North Lawndale (45), Englewood (40) and East Garfield Park (37). Four of this five community areas are located in the West Side of Chicago,  

We can see another concentration in the Southwest side of the city, where areas like Englewood, West Englewood, New City and Chicago Lawn show high numbers of victims.

Daniela Oliva

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