Shifting View on the Treatment of Black Population

Results from Gallup’s 2015 Minority Rights and Relations Poll released Tuesday, August 4 show that Americans’ satisfaction with the ways the black population is treated are the lowest they have been in years.

The results show only 49% of American adults are satisfied with the way the U.S. treats its black population, down from two years ago when 62% of American adults were satisfied. Among the black population, the amount has also decreased. Currently, only 33% of blacks are satisfied with the way the black population is being treated, down from 47% in 2013.

A similar Washington Post poll found that 60% of the nation believes we should continue making changes to ensure that blacks are treated equally, whereas only 37% believe we have already made these changes. In a 2014 Pew Research Center Poll that asked the same question, only 46% believed that we needed to make more changes. Similar to the Gallup results, these findings show a large increase in the amount of dissatisfaction with the treatment of blacks. It should also be noted that this change in satisfaction is specific to the black population, with no other minority group having a notable change.

These changes in satisfaction are timely; being released a year after Ferguson, Missouri swarmed the headlines and 50 years after the passing of the Voting Rights Act. As stated in the Gallup report, the noted changes are most likely due to the deadly high-profile cases involving white policemen and unarmed black citizens that have been at the forefront of the U.S. media for the past year.
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