Where Do College Graduates Work?

A new interactive by the U.S. Census Bureau lets users explore the relationship between college majors and occupations.  The data are from the 2012 American Community Survey.

Note: to access the interactive version, go to: http://www.census.gov/dataviz/visualizations/stem/stem-html/
As described by the Census Bureau: "The length of each circle segment shows the proportion of people graduating in each college major and employed in each occupation group. The thickness of the lines between majors and occupations indicates the share of people in that major-occupation combination. Lines highlighted in color show the proportion of college graduates who work in STEM.

By hovering over a college major on the STEM Majors or Non-STEM Majors tab, you can see which occupations these graduates work in. You can also hover over an occupation to see which majors they hire from. These graphics show that only a minority of STEM majors are employed in STEM.

This visualization also lets you look at college major and employment patterns by sex, race, and Hispanic origin. It allows you to compare the relative size of each college major and occupation, as well as the proportion who are employed in STEM by these demographic characteristics. Comparing the graphics for men and women who are STEM majors, for example, we see that men are more likely to major in engineering and are more likely to be employed in STEM occupations."

By gender (males, left; females, right)

By race (clockwise from top left: White, Black, Hispanic, Asian)

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Frederique Laubepin

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