The Modern American Man, in 10 Charts

In a series of reports to be aired over the summer, National Public Radio's All Things Considered is looking at the lives of men, including what it means to be a man in America today.  Using data from a variety of sources (education statistics, Pew Research Center surveys, U.S. Census Bureau, and National Vital Statistics from the Center for Disease Control) the latest report ("The Modern American Man") gives us 10 charts to ponder some of the ways in which the lives of men have changed or remained the same.

 The charts show that male students don't perform as well as female students, and fewer bachelor's degrees are awarded to them.  They tend to live with their parents longer and marry later.  But they continue to earn more than women.  At home, although gender divides persist, the data suggest that they are getting more involved in housework and spend more time with their children than their fathers did.

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