NEW! Library of Pedagogic Modules, through a partnership with the Science Education Resource Center (SERC) has developed a library of pedagogic modules for educators across the curriculum. Each module features a particular pedagogic methodology including examples of how the method can be applied in a variety of subjects. SERC vets these modules with pedagogic experts; all pedagogic content is subject to a blind peer review process before it is made live.

A growing collection of classroom activities, submitted by faculty, is included within each pedagogic module. The result is an enhanced collection that allows users to seamlessly browse between pedagogic content and classroom activities. The modules can be used in their entirety or instructors can use the modules to generate ideas for their instruction.

Modules include:

  • Teaching with Data
  • Developing Quantitative Reasoning
  • Quantitative Writing
  • Teaching Quantitative Reasoning with the News
  • Using Socio-Scientific Issues-Based Instruction resource:
Teaching With Data Pedagogic Modules (
Frederique Laubepin

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