Understanding Statistics through Dance

TeachingWithData.org is pleased to announce the inclusion in the repository of videos of basic statistical procedures being illustrated through dance from the British Psychological Society (BPS). The videos are the product of a 2011 BPS Public Engagement Grant project called "Communicating psychology to the public through dance." The project was led by Lucy Irving from Middlesex University and Andy Field from the University of Sussex and received additional funding from IdeasTap, a British non-profit that focuses on young artists. 

The videos illustrate correlation, variance, frequency distributions, and sampling and standard errorLucy Irving explained: “We worked with the choreographer and experimented with the dancers to find ways of communicating the concepts. Our hope is that as well as being fun and educational the films will demystify and take some of the fear out of statistics. Students often report that ‘the stats’ are the most difficult part of their psychology degree and these the films aim to challenge this by demonstrating that thinking about them in new ways may make them easier to comprehend.” 

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