Government Shutdown Effect on Data Availability

A recent Pew Research Center FacTank report by Drew DeSilver on the effect of the federal government shutdown on the flow of data have found that many of principle sources of data from the government are not available on-line. Among the agencies that are closed are the Census Bureau - home of data on the American people, Bureau of Labor Statistics - home of business and economic data, the Bureau of Economic Analysis - home of commerce data, the Department of Agriculture - home of data related to food and farm production, National Institute for Health Statistics and National Insitute of Mental Health - homes of data related to health and mental health, National Center on Education Statistics - home of data on education, and the central hub for governmental data, Data.Gov. Agencies that generate data and are open during the government shutdown are the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the National Institute of Justice, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, and the Energy Information AgencyFor more information on agency status during the shutdown, visit .

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