American's Anti-Incumbency Mood at High Point

According to a recent report from Pew Research FactTank, Bruce Drake said that 38% of Americans don't support reelecting their federal Congressional representatives. This percentage is at the highest point in twenty years. The report also found that 74% of Americans wish to see incumbents standing for reelection at the midterm defeated. In the last two midterm elections, 2010 and 2006, that number did not exceeded 57%.  These data are taken from a Pew Research Center Survey of 1,504 adult Americans from October 9 through October 13, 2013 via landline and cell phones. has teaching tools for understanding the voting process:
Voter Turnout in the US:
Voting Behaviors in the 2012 Election (SETUPS):
Election Day:

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Sue Hodge

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