Unemployment Gap between Rich and Poor Sets Record

In a recent Associated Press news article, reporter Hope Yen said that "the gap in employment rates between America's highest- and lowest-income families has stretched to its widest levels since officials began tracking the data a decade ago." She adds that "(r)ates of unemployment for the lowest-income families — those earning less than $20,000 — have topped 21 percent, nearly matching the rate for all workers during the 1930s Great Depression."

The data analysis 
using the Current Population Survey from the U. S. Census Bureau for this report was conducted by Andrew Sum of the Center for Labor Market Studies and Ishwar Khatiwada from Northeastern University  Additional materials were provided by David Autor of MIT, John Schmitt, a senior economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research, a Washington Think Tank, and Mark Rank of Washington University in St. Louis.
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