Income Growth in College-educated Households

A recent Pew Research Center report in FacTankon the distribution of American household's income according to educational attainmentresearch associate, Richard Fry said that nearly one half of all income (49.7%) is paid to those household's headed by a person with at least a Bachelor's degree compared to 1991 when this group claimed only 37% of all income paid. The data are taken from the 2013 Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) of the Current Population Survey (CPS) conducted by the U. S. Census Bureau in February, March and April of 2013. The majority of these interviews were conducted as face to face interviews. Supplemental questions were asked of approximately 75,000 heads of households. 

The chart also indicates that, since 1991, those households headed by a person with "less than a high school diploma" have lost earning power, declining 7% from 12% to 5% of total income paid, and those households headed by a "high school graduate" declined 3% from 23% to 20% of total income paid. Households headed by an individual with "some college" has also seen their share of total income decline from 28% to 25%

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