History of Financial Crisis, 2007 - 2010

A recent Pew Research Center report in FacTankon the history of the financial crisis from 2007 to 2010, analyst, Drew DeSilver says that the chart above is packed with the history of the financial crisis and is taken from a Department of the Treasury power point presentation that summarizes the financial crisis. The full report is also available.  The data are taken from Standard and Poor's (S&P) 500 Index which is tracked and reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Bureau of of Economic Analysis and the Consumer Sentiment Index which is taken from the Survey of Consumers, published monthly by the University of Michigan and Thomson Reuters. 

The chart shows the time of the recession, December 2007 through June, 2009 in grey with the activity of the Standard and Poor's (S&P) 500 Index is shown as a line in blue with the scale on the left side of the chart and the Consumer Sentiment Index is shown as a line in orange with the scale on the right side of the chart.  Important events are placed on the blue line as black dots on their dates, which are displayed at the bottom of the chart. 

TeachingWithData.org has several resources to help faculty engage students in the economics of today's world. They are "You Fix the Budget" from the New York Times and "Make Your Own Deficit-Reduction Plan" from The Wall Street Journal. Both are freely available. 

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