Gender Differences in Employment Worldwide

In a recent report from Gallup World, it was found that, worldwide, men are almost twice as likely to have a "good" job than women. The report shows that 34% of men report having a good job compared to 18% of women who report the same. Gallup defines a "good' job as one that requires full-time work for an employer. The data for this report were gathered from 2005/2006 through 2013 in face to face or landline telephone interviews of 225,975 individuals aged 15 and older throughout the world. 

The table shows that women's highest deficit in full-time employment are in South Asia (-26%) and Non-EU Europe (-22%), while Sub-Sarahan Africa has the lowest deficit (-7%) followed by the Commonwealth of Independent States (-8%).  The deficit for women in Northern America stands at -19%. offers several teaching/learning tools on the topics of worldwide employment and gender in employment: Gallup's Global Tracking Tool, Employment to Population Ratio , and Occupational Segregation and Earning Differences .

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Sue Hodge

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