56% of Americans are Averse to Filing Taxes

  While not exactly groundbreaking, Pew Research Center released a poll detailing that a majority (56%) of Americans do not care for doing their taxes.  Of those averse, 26% hate it and 30% merely dislike the annual chore.  29% say they like it and a small sliver of Americans even enjoy filling out their income taxes (5%).
  Reasons for elation include the refund that's sure to come, one's own skill for filling out taxes, a sense of control, and even the duty to play a fair share to the system.  On the other hand, reasons for consternation include the inherent complications, the time consuming nature, and a marked disfavor with the government's use of tax money.
  Across partisan lines, Democrats are much more likely to enjoy doing their taxes than Republicans, with 40% of Democrats enjoying taxes and 32% disliking the task.  Independents are even less likely to feel joy at the prospect of taxes, with only 31% responding favorably.  Republicans are more likely than either Democrats or Independents to see a failure to report all income as "morally wrong" (at 78%, 68%, and 69% respectively).

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