U.S. Hispanic Adults Twice as Likely to Identify or Lean Democratic

According to Gallup, a compilation of  daily tracking data for 2012 shows that 51% of Hispanic adults identify as or lean Democratic, with 24% of Hispanic respondents identifying as or leaning Republican.  Upon further probing of initial responses, 20% of Hispanics were true independents and did not have a party preference.

This trends holds true across age groups for the Hispanic population.  50% of the 18-34 and 35-54 age group identified or leaned Democratic, while the 59% of the 55+ age group identified similarly.  While similar across age groups, the Hispanic population is not as identified with the Democratic Party as the Non-Hispanic Black population, but more likely than the Non-Hispanic White population to identify with the Democratic Party.  In addition, an earlier Gallup analysis reveals that U.S.-born Hispanics were more likely to be Republican than their foreign-born counterparts.

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