First and Second Generation Immigrants

According to a recent analysis conducted by the Pew Research Center, it appears that second generation immigrants fare better than first generation immigrants on a variety of socioeconomic indicators. For one, second generation immigrants earn more than their first generation counterparts. On average, second-generation Americans earn about $12,300 more than immigrants and only $100 less than all U.S. Americans. Fewer second-generation Americans are living in poverty than first-generation immigrants (18% and 11% respectively, compared to a 13% poverty rate for all Americans). Moreover, second-generation Americans are also more likely to hold a bachelor’s degree or higher: Although only 29% of immigrants graduated from college, 36% of second-generation Americans completed college (higher than the national average of 31%). Homeownership rates are also higher among second generation Americans. Among second-generation Americans, 64% are homeowners compared to 51% of immigrants.  

The analysis also found that second generation Americans are more likely to identify themselves as a "typical American", speak English, and are more likely to report positive intergroup relations. About 52% of second-generation Latinos and 64% of Asians report that they get along very well with a variety of other groups in American, such as African Americans and whites. In contrast, only 26% of Latinos immigrants and 49% of Asians reported the same.

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