Worldwide Views of Immigration

Recently released findings from a Gallup survey reveal which nations view their communities as good places for immigrants to live. While adults from 146 countries participated in the survey, citizens of New Zealand, (89%) Paraguay, (88%) and Canada (88%) demonstrated the strongest belief that their communities would be good locales for immigrants. Regionally, residents of the Americas, (71%) Europe, (67%) and Sub-Saharan Africa (66%) were most likely to view their communities as a good destination for immigrants. Most migrants cite countries in North America and Europe as their preferred destination; in accordance, countries in these regions are major receiving countries for immigrants. Few potential migrants cite countries in Sub-Saharan Africa as their desired destination. Therefore, citizens of Sub-Saharan countries are likely to have expressed the belief that their communities are good destinations for immigrants because of the high-volume of cross-border migration that occurs within these countries.

Citizens of Asian nations (42%) and Middle Eastern and North African countries (48) were least likely to view their communities as good destinations for immigrants.  Specifically, citizens of Malaysia (77%) and Thailand (76%) demonstrated the greatest consensus that their communities would not be a good place for immigrants to live.

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