Housing Prices Still Low, But Sales Fail to Pick Up

While housing prices have stabilized, the quantity of one-family homes sold throughout the U.S. continues to fall to levels unseen in decades.  Though prices continue to rebound, the median cost of a single-family home is still at its lowest in 8 years ($227,000).  The drop in price, however, has not motivated Americans to buy homes.  The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s estimates the sales of new single-family houses at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 372,000.  Though up 25% from July of last year, housing sales haven’t been this low since before the Census began tracking the figure in the 1963.  Sales fell 76% from 2006 to 2011, and have yet to show significant periods of recovery.  With a record low number of houses starting construction this year, and an unemployment rate still above 8%, the recession’s lingering consequences still hinder a sales rebound.  With that said, prices have fallen three straight months; will relatively low prices incite a rebound in the housing market? 
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