One Third of American Nonretirees Expect Social Security to be Major Source of Retirement Funding

Gallup reports that 33% of American nonretirees predict Social Security will be a major source of retirement funding.  This percentage has increased since the recession; in 2007, 27% believed Social Security would prove vital to their retirement fund.  57% of retirees depend on Social Security as a major source of income, while only 33% of retirees rely on a work-sponsored pension plan.  In addition, nonretirees are more likely than retirees to utilize a retirement account (46% to 24% respectively) – such as a 401(k) or an IRA – to be the major source of funding their retirement.  This percentage has decreased six points since the recession.  Gallup’s Chief Economist, Dennis Jacobe, believes stock and retirement losses have led to many of these trends.  Also noteworthy is the fact that 38% of nonretirees expect to retire comfortably – a new low.
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