3 in 4 Americans Feel College is Too Expensive

In a recent survey, the Pew Research Center presented the American public with this statement: "College costs in general are such that most people can afford to pay for a college education." Overwhelmingly, respondents disagreed with the statement.  75% did not agree, and only 22% felt that college costs are affordable.  Despite this response, the rapidly rising cost of college tuition has not swayed parents' feelings on the importance of a college education.  94% of parents want their children to go to college, even though 57% of Americans feel that colleges fail to offer students a valuable education that is on par with the high costs.  Only 5% of the public feel that college is of "excellent" value to students.  Much more respondents fell in the middle-ground, with 77% saying that college was of "only fair" to "good" value.  Additionally, though, it seems that college graduates are happy with their decision to enroll.  86% of graduates believe their investment in tuition was beneficial, and American Community Survey data supports this belief.  In 2009, the median income for college graduates was $46,931, whereas the median income for those with only a high school diploma was $27,381. 

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