Hispanics Represent Sizable Proportion of Labor Force Growth

The Pew Research Center reports that from 2010 to 2020, Hispanics are predicted to add 7.7 million jobs to the labor force.  This figure will account for 74% of the 10.5 million jobs expected to be added in total.  From 1990-2000, Hispanics added 36 percent of jobs to the workforce.  This percent jumped to 54 percent in the most recent decade of 2000-2010.  There are a couple factors involved in the high, and growing percentage of Hispanics added to the workforce.  Hispanics are growing in numbers due to a high birth rate and immigration.  On the other hand, the aging of non-Hispanic whites is predicted to diminish their numbers in the workforce.  In addition, a slightly higher percent of Hispanics, 67.5 percent, is actively searching for a job or is employed, compared to the national average of 64.7 percent.  Pew also notes that Hispanics are younger than other ethnicities, so their substantial contribution to the labor force should be expected to persist.

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