Air Pollution in Beijing Decreasing

A recent Economist article discusses the decrease in air pollution and uncharacteristically blue skies in Beijing as a result of more stringent traffic regulations enforced between February 28th and March 17th.  A chart included in the article includes data from the US Embassy in Beijing’s air quality monitor and shows the daily air quality index for this month.  The air quality ranges from 0 to 500 with 500 being “most hazardous” and 0-50 being “good.”  As the chart indicates, the air quality index peaked around 300, “hazardous,” at the beginning of the month and around the 16th and 17th but was below 200 for most of the interim.  According to the article, the more stringent traffic controls were in effect for the convening of the National People’s Congress from March 5-14th but are no longer in place.


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