Causes of Stress in Regions of the U.S.

The American Psychological Association recently released the 2011 results of their annual nationwide survey, “Stress in America.”  One portion of the report discusses the causes of “somewhat/very significant” levels of stress reported in each region of the United States in which those surveyed were asked to indicate the level of stress each of the listed sources of stress caused in their lives.  Overall, money, work, and the economy were the largest causes of stress with 75%, 70% and 67% reporting that each respective factor was a cause of “somewhat/very significant” levels of stress.  Among the four regions, those on the East Coast reported the most stress caused by money (80%), work (74%), and relationships (66%).  Those in the Midwest reported the most stress caused by the economy (72%) and personal health concerns (59%).  Southerners, on the other hand, reported the most stress from family responsibilities (62%) and health problems affecting family members (65%).  Westerners reported the lowest amount of stress caused by everything except for work, where it reported slightly more stress than those in the South (69% and 67% respectively).
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