Washington D.C. Most Optimistic About the Economy

According to Gallup's Daily tracking poll, Washington D.C. had the highest (and only positive) Economic Confidence Index score throughout the first half of this year (January-June 2011), with a score of +11. As the chart shows, Washington D.C.'s Economic Confidence Index score was substantially larger than the rest of the states within the "top ten" most economically optimistic states, which ranged from -13 in North Dakota to -20 in Virginia. The state with the lowest Economic Confidence Index score was West Virginia with a score of -44. The average Economic Confidence Index score nationwide during the first half of this year, down two points from the first half of 2010, was -28. This has plunged in the past two weeks, as it dropped to -53 during the first week of August. This is the lowest score since March 2009, during the recession.
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