Survey Shows Little Excitement for Republican Candidates

In this report about the Republican candidates for the upcoming 2012 election, a survey was done to find out who the most popular candidate is so far. The results showed that there is no clear-cut favorite. Participants were first asked if they had heard of each candidate, and then asked if there was a good chance, some chance, or no chance that they would vote for them. The top three that people had heard of were Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and Newt Gingrich. Of those, 17% said there was a good chance that they would vote for Mitt Romney, 14% would vote for Sarah Palin, and only 9% would vote for Newt Gingrich. 23% said there was a good chance that they would vote for Herman Cain, but that is out of the 33% people had actually heard of him. When the same survey was analysed using only responses from republican voters, the results were similar, with Mitt Romney taking the lead.

Another part of the survey was about the traits that people like and dislike in presidential candidates. Almost half of the people surveyed are more likely to support a candidate that had served in the military. Other favorable qualities include having been a governor or a business executive. Most people are less likely to support candidates that have never held an elected office, and 61% would be less likely to support a candidate that does not believe in God. Traits that most people agree would make no difference in how they vote include being a woman, black, or hispanic, and having been divorced. Having used marijuana in the past, being Mormon, or being homosexual are also traits that many say would not sway their vote.

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