Republicans Starting to Shift Their Thinking

In the past, Republicans had been known for wanting to get involved in international affairs instead of focusing solely on issues at home. Now, in the face of a large budget deficit and growing national debt, foreign aid and war seem a little less affordable. This survey done by the Pew Research Center shows how opinions have shifted over the years. In 2004, most Democrats were against getting involved in international affairs, and independents as well as liberal Democrats were split between wanting to get involved and not wanting to get involved. Republicans were the only group where the definite majority wanted to be active in world affairs. Now, the Republicans have changed their mind and all political groups agree that we should be worrying more about our own problems.

Throughout the past decade, Republicans have chosen to stay involved in international affairs, but that has been changing a lot over the past few years. As of May of 2011 about an equal percentage Republicans, Democrats and Independents agreed that the U.S. should "mind its own business".

As far as foreign aid goes, a large majority of Republicans (83%) agree with democrats and independents that we should reduce the amount of foreign aid in order to reduce the deficit. On the other hand, only 56% of Republicans think we should reduce our military commitments overseas.

In 2010, most people agreed that we should keep troops in Afghanistan until the situation has stabilized. As of May 2011, that majority has shifted and now favors the removal of troops as soon as possible. Both Democrats and Independents agree with the majority now, and agreed with them in 2010 as well. Republican opinion, on the other hand, hasn't changed much over the past year, with the majority still believing that we should stay in Afghanistan until it has stabilized.

Although republicans still maintain many of the same opinions that they have had in the past, they are starting to focus more on problems at home instead of those abroad. This could be because of a shift in their thinking, or they could just be feeling the heat from the burning issues we have had to confront in the face of a growing national debt.

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