New York City Voters Think Rep. Weiner Should Remain in Position, But Disapprove as 2013 Mayoral Candidate

Hours after the media got wind of U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner’s questionable online activity, which included posting an inappropriate photo of himself on Twitter intended for a direct message to a woman other than his wife, a NY1-Marist Poll of New York City voters found a simple majority (51%) to believe that Weiner should remain in his position as congressman to New York’s 9th district. Less than a third of New York City voters (30%) disagreed with the majority opinion, believing that he should step down from his position. The remaining 18% of those polled were undecided in regards to what Weiner’s next move should be.
However, the majority (56%) of voters want Weiner, who was a potential candidate for the New York City 2013 mayoral election, to bow out of the race.

A notable majority (61%) of New York City residents believe that Weiner’s actions were unethical but not illegal. A little over 10% of New York City voters (13%) believe that Weiner’s actions were illegal. The same proportion stated that Weiner did nothing wrong. Weiner’s public apology was met mostly with skepticism, with 64% of New York City voters stating that his apology was insincere and that he only apologized because he was caught. Almost a quarter (24%) of New York City voters disagrees, reporting his apology to reflect a sincere sentiment of regret.

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