Is Climate Change Behind the Extreme Weather of 2010?

In a recent blog post from the Climate Progress section of, they question whether recent extreme weather could be related to climate change. In the post, they use examples from recent events that have been happening all over the world for the past few years, such as floods, rampant fires, temperature changes, extreme weather, and perception. Data about temperature highs in 2010 were taken from, and show that many countries experienced their highest temperatures in many months during 2010.
They also cite events such as increased glacial melting in Greenland, the amount of sea ice, and the increased rate of coral bleaching around coastal nations. In order to analyze precipitation trends, they used data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration dating back to 1900. The graph below shows, in millimeters, how much the annual rainfall over land for each year deviated from the average. 2010 set the record high, beating the previous 1956 record by 13%.
The extreme weather we have been experiencing this year and in 2010 brings up the question of whether or not this was caused by climate change, and if we can expect to see similar weather patterns in the future. The end of the blog post concludes that it would be extremely unlikely for so many extreme weather events to happen in one year without some kind of climate changing force behind it.

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