Interactive Maps Available on NPR Website

U.S. Foreclosure Rates

The NPR website now has interactive maps that allow you to see national and state-wide trends for foreclosure rates, unemployment rates, and household income. The most recent data relates to the foreclosure rates, which are from March of this year.

County foreclosure rates lower than 1 in every 150,000 properties are considered low, moderate is up to 1 in every 700, and high is over 1 in every 700. The highest foreclosure rates are in the Southwest, California, Florida, and Michigan. It is hard to define trends using this map considering that many counties have no data available, especially in the Midwest.

U.S. Unemployment Rates

Data for unemployment rates across the U.S. was taken from December of 2010. Rates are broken down into less than 5%, 5-10%, 10-15%, and more than 15%. The areas with the highest unemployment rates seem to be scattered across the West and and along the East coast.
Median Household Income
The data for this map is also from 2010. Income was divided into 5 different levels based on percentiles. Most of the wealthy families appear to by clustered on the East coast, in the West, and scattered through some states in the Midwest. High concentrations of lower-income families can be found in the South, in parts of the Midwest and in parts of Texas and New Mexico.
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