Are Social Networking Sites Beneficial to Our Well-being?

Social networking sites are becoming very popular all over the world, connecting people to past friends, new acquaintances and even starting revolutions. In a survey by the Pew Research Center, they take a look at the changing face of social relationships and how they are affected by social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace. When these types of sites first came on the scene, the majority of users were pretty young. Those ages 23-35 still make up the majority of users, but the composition of these online communities is starting to shift and now includes many more people who are middle aged or older.
Another interesting finding is how social networking sites are changing the way people relate and interact with each other, including how many close friends they have, how their friends are supporting them emotionally, and how trusting they are. Those who use the Internet, mobile phones, and social networking sites are more likely to trust others than those who don't use the Internet at all. They also discovered that Facebook users have an average of 9% more close friends, and scored higher when asked how much they receive emotional support, companionship, and instrumental aid. They are also much more likely to be involved in political activities such as attending rallies and persuading others to vote.

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