Vast Majority Calls Favors More Stringent Wall Street Regulation

A Harris Interactive poll concludes that a staggering 83% of adults agree with the statement that "Wall Street should be subject to tougher regulation." Even so, a strong majority (62%) of adults agree with the statement that "Wall Street is absolutely essential" and most adults (55%) believe that Wall Street and its work benefits the country. However, those polled have little confidence in the people who run Wall Street, finding them to be untrustworthy and overpaid. An overwhelming 70% of adults believe that successful people on Wall Street, overall, are less honest and moral than other people. A large majority (75%) of adults are dissatisfied with the way in which Wall Street firms give bonuses to employees, and think that bonuses should only be given in periods when Wall Street is doing well overall and making profits. According to Harris Interactive there has been no improvement in Wall Street’s reputation over the past year and that opinions concerning Wall Street are significantly more negative and dissatisfied than before the financial crisis of 2008. According to Harris Interactive, Wall Street’s unfavorable reputation may extend beyond business and into the realm of politics. The report suggests that Republicans will need to distance themselves from their stereotypical affiliation with “big business […] and big banks” if they wish to appeal to voters.


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