TV's, Fridges, and the Mexican Census

An article from the Economist demonstrates a few interesting demographic trends suggested by the Mexican census, whose data was released to journalists just last week.

Two decades ago 20% of Mexican households had a bare earth floor. Today that figure is now 5%. In that same time period the proportion without electricity shrank from 10% to almost zero, and those that went without sewage decreased to 10% from almost a third.

It is also interesting to note that more houses have televisions than refrigerators, and that more houses have refrigerators than showers. Also, more individuals have a cell phone than a landline phone.

Mexico's literacy rate today is over 98%. But these national figures can be misleading because there are still numerous inequalities across regions. For example, the percentage who cannot read or write in Mexico City is 2%. But go south to Chiapas, a state in the south, and that figure climbs to 20%. Also, while the population of Mexico City fell by about 6% over five years, that for Baja California Sur rose by 10%.
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