Retail Salespersons and Cashiers Made Up Largest Occupations in 2010

An article from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Editor's Desk revealed that retail salespersons and cashiers were the occupations with the highest employment in May 2010. Together, these two occupations made up nearly 6 percent of total U.S. employment in 2010, and the ten largest occupations comprised more than 20 percent of employment. Other prominent occupations included "general office clerks; combined food preparation and serving workers, including fast food; registered nurses; and waiters and waitresses."

Among larger groupings of occupations, office and administrative support jobs were the most significant, making up 17% of total employment. Following that were "sales and related occupations and food preparation and serving related occupations, which made up about 11 and 9 percent of U.S. employment, respectively." The article drew its information from a larger BLS report.

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