Job Opening Level Continues Upward Trend But Still Trails Pre-Recession Figure

A recent report published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the number of job openings continues to increase, following an upward trend that began when the recession--as designated by the National Bureau of Economic Research--ended in 2009. The 3.1 million job openings in March just outpaced the 3.0 million in February, making it the first time since November 2008 that a job opening level at or above 3 million was sustained for consecutive months.

The job opening level's continued improvement is a positive sign, but it is clear that much progress must be made before it can reach its pre-recession figure, when there were 4.4 million openings in December 2007. A short summary of the new report may be found here.

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  1. Its really hard getting these days the right job. i just read something about it in UniformPoint and im not happy anymore after graduating college.(Skills Needed To Get Unfilled 3.4 Million Job Openings )... just so sad!