Eight new Data-Driven Learning Guides available

ICPSR's Online Learning Center is pleased to announce the release of eight new Data-Driven Learning Guides (DDLGs).

Designed by teaching faculty and geared toward building data literacy in undergraduate classrooms, DDLGs are set up as lesson plans and contain a description and examples of the focal concept, the data needed for empirical application using basic statistical techniques, a guide to interpretation, and a summary of the exercise.

The new DDLGS are: 
  • Civic Participation and Demographics in Rural China (using the Four County Study of Chinese Local Government and Political Economy dataset)
  • Ethics and Politics (using data from an ABC News/Washington Post poll)
  • US Foreign Policy towards Haiti 1994 (also ABC News/Washington Post poll data)
  • Intergroup Relationships - Attitudes and Behaviors (using the Houston Area Survey dataset)
  • Social Change (using the Longitudinal Study of Generations)
  • The American Dream at the Turn of the 21st Century (Using the 1996 ABC News Listening to America Poll)
  • Crime Victimization in the US (Using the National Crime Victimization Survey)
OLC now offers more than 40 DDLGs, and more are under development. They can be accessed here: http://www.icpsr.umich.edu/icpsrweb/OLC/ . We appreciate any feedback or suggestions for new topics for DDLGs.
Sue Hodge

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