Preschools Prefigure Non-White Majority

Most American three-year-olds are not non-hispanic whites for the first time in the nation's history, thanks to a wave of asian and hispanic immigrants and a rapid growth of the native-born black population. Eight states and DC now do not have non-hispanic white majorities in pre-primary education. Nationwide, less than than 59% of schoolchildren of any age. SSDAN and Brookings Institution demographer notes that these numbers prefigure a non-white majority across grade-levels. By sometime in the 2040s, America as a whole will cease to have a majority racial/ethnic group.

NB: Unlike "white," "black" or "asian", the Census doesn't define "hispanic" as a racial group but rather an ethnicity containing anyone with origins in a Latin American country regardless of race. Thus "non-hispanic whites" means those whites who do not identify as of Latin-American origin. No projection suggests that whites regardless of ethnicity will not remain the majority.
SSDAN Office

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