December Job Creation Highest in Midwest

Recent Gallup poll data indicates that in December the Midwest showed the highest rate of job creation. The data were compiled after requesting employees to self-report whether their company was hiring or letting go.

32% of Midwest employees said that their companies were hiring, compared with 30% of employees in the South, 28% in the East, and 26% in the West. At the same time, the Midwest also led the way with the smallest proportion of employees who reported that their companies were letting workers go. 15% of Midwest employees said their companies were letting go, compared with 19% in the South, 20% in the West, and 21% in the East.

Gallup also uses these figures to generate its Job Creation Index, a value that represents the difference between the percentage of employees who self-report that their companies are hiring, and the percentage who say their companies are letting go. Nationally, the proportion hiring is 29%, compared to 19% letting go; this yields a figure of +10 for the nationwide index. Both the Midwest and South have an index above the nationwide index, at +17 and +11 respectively. Beneath the nationwide index are the East at +7, and West at +6.
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