Pew Surveys Re-Employed

Pew Research Center released a survey showing that 26% of the United States' 139 currently employed people have been unemployed at some point during the recession. More than a third of that group has been unemployed more than once during the recession. Those who are reemployed are less likely to be satisfied with their current job (although 78% still say they are satisfied vs. 89% of those who have not lost their job). They are also more likely to feel overqualified for their current job (54% vs. 36%).

While only 38% of respondents say the pay at their new job is better, and 28% say the benefits are better (and reemployed respondents often feel overqualified and unsatisfied) a plurality of 43% claim to be happier at their new job than at their old one, though Pew suggests that this might be an expression of relief at being re-employed rather than genuine enjoyment of their new job. 55% still claim to be worse off economically, perhaps because of the income lost while unemployed. These complex and nuanced positions, which the Washington Post discusses, could suggest mixed attitudes or uncertainty among respondents about their own position.

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