Underemployment Increases to 19%

 On February 17th, Gallup released a chart tracking underemployment from January 2010 to February 15th 2012.  Gallup calculates underemployment by combining the percent of workers who are unemployed with the percent of workers who are employed at part-time jobs but who have a desire to work full-time.  While this number has dropped from the 20.3% recorded this time two years ago to 19.0% in mid-February 2012, the measure is up significantly from the mid-January figure of 18.0%.  Gallup notes that seasonal factors tend to increase both unemployment and underemployment at this time of year; however, the research organization noted that “underemployment measures show a sharp deterioration in job market conditions since mid-January.”  This increase in underemployment is also consistent with the drop off in Gallup’s Job Creation Index from +16 in January to +13 in mid-February.
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