Americans Pessimistic about Government and the Economy

Results from the latest New York Times poll show that Americans' opinions about the economy and the way the government is handling things have suffered greatly in the past few months. When asked generally about how things are going in the country, most people feel that we are on the wrong track, and few people think that the economy is getting better.

When it comes to the economy and the budget deficit, Most people disapprove of the way Obama is handling the economy and the budget deficit. However, the majority of people feel the same way about the Republicans in Congress.
When asked if providing health care for the poor is a government responsibility, most people answered "yes". When the responses were broken down by party, they discovered that Democrats and Independents side with the majority, while Republicans mostly believe that providing health care for the poor is not a government responsibility.
One of the major debates in the search to find a solution to the budget deficit is between raising taxes or reducing government spending on programs that benefit the public. When polled on which they would prefer, Americans overwhelmingly responded that they would rather see a decrease in federal spending than an increase in taxes. Republicans were most adamant, with 87% preferring a decrease in spending. Even though most people are against raising taxes for the average American, most agree that it would be beneficial to increase taxes for families who make over $250,000 a year.
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