Muslim Views on America

A couple weeks ago, the Pew Research Center's Global Attitudes Project released a survey of global opinions in 22 countries, focusing on global views of the United States and President Obama. Today, the AP published an analysis of the study focusing on Muslim attitudes toward the US. Notably, the US gets high ratings in countries in countries that are largely, but not overwhelmingly Muslim, with approval of 52% in Lebanon, 59% in Indonesia and 81% in Nigeria. Yet in majority Muslim countries, even those with close ties to the West, positive views of America remain rare. Just 17% of those surveyed in Egypt, Pakistan and NATO-ally Turkey see the US favorably, while majorities in Jordan, Egypt, Indonesia, Lebanon, Pakistan and even Turkey fear that the United States military could some day threaten their countries. More encouragingly, across all countries, overwhelming majorities oppose suicide attacks and the al-Qaeda movement.

The poll was taken before an Israeli attack on a blockade-running Turkish aid flotilla further strained relations between the United States and the Muslim world.
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