Interracial/Interethnic Marriages at all Time High

The Pew Research Center has released a report on the rate of interracial and interethnic marriages. Socially taboo and even illegal not long ago, they now account for one-in-seven new marriages. The media coverage of this report has been illustrative of the ways in which data can be interpreted to suit divergent arguments. Most of the mainstream media focus on the fact that interracial/interethnic marriages have doubled since 1980 and reached a new record. Yet some notice contradictory trends; recent Census figures noted interracial/interethnic marriages are actually declining among Hispanic and Asian Americans, and many note that while mixed marriages are still increasing, they are increasing at a slower pace than they once were. One CNN contributor notes that less than 5% of married whites are married to a non-white spouse and says that "love may be blind but it is not color blind."

See the data for yourself here.
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